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AIAASC Geographical and Strategic Expansion

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Starting 2021, AIAASC decided to further enrich its keenness to further develop schools and colleges by doing a strategic renovation to its core values. Our rebranding reflects our focus on innovative education and future-focused teaching and developmental strategies. Also, the rebranding is inline with the strategic expansion that we is undergoing.

Firstly, we are extending our highly-qualify accreditation practices to higher education as well. Rigorous standards and measures have been developed for higher education to assess and monitor the institute’s structure of governance; the instructional qualifications and teaching effectiveness of the faculty; the process of setting university curricula; the resources allocated for student support and safety; the administrative staff and operating procedures; and much more.

Secondly, we are expanding geographically as well. We have partnered with South Asia Education Council (SAEC). South Asian countries have vast socio-cultural diversity, linguistic, natural, and human resource diversity. Hence, AIAASC partnered with SAEC to support in connecting educators and institutions, create action plans for certain areas that need development, offer solutions at the country-level and area-level, and bring innovation in education.

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