AIAA is a team of professional educators dedicated to enhancing the standard, practices, and outcomes of international education worldwide. With a diverse range of experiences, perspectives, and expertise, they have come together to establish standards of good practice appropriate to the changing landscape of 21st century education. Our leadership team has the background, values, and insight to help international schools, colleges, and universities institutionalize a culture of continuous improvement through the process of accreditation.

International Higher Education Accreditation Team

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Dr. Ronald J. Kovach

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Executive Director


Mr. Christopher Chan

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Chief Financial Officer

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Dr. John Aziz

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Associate Director


Dr. Scott G. Blair

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Director of Accreditation & Quality Assurance

(International Higher Education)


Ms. Rossane Samir

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Director of Accreditation & Quality Assurance


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Dr. John Rogers

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Professor of Economics and Finance at American International College

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Dr. Yasser Dawa

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Director at HRD Global Egypt

Current Location: Cairo, Egypt

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Dr. Roland Holstead

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Director at Springfield College

Current Location, Massachusetts, USA


Dr. Ebrahim Allam

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CEO at Qiman Al Ta'allum Company for Educational Consultancy

Current Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia