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International Higher

Education Standards

The AIAASC Standards of Accreditation for International Higher Education constitute a baseline for evaluating institutional or programmatic performance in advancing academic quality, primarily measured through student learning, personal development, academic achievement, and professional success. The AIAASC Accreditation Standards monitor the mission, vision, and values of the institution; the structure of governance and leadership; the instructional qualifications and teaching effectiveness of the faculty; the process of selecting international programs and university curricula; the resources allocated for student support and safety; the administrative staff and operating procedures; the appropriateness of facilities and IT support; the financial strength of the institution; the effectiveness of the institutional improvement plan; and the institutional commitment to integrity.

The AIAASC Standards of Accreditation were developed specifically for institutions of international higher education and indicate high-quality educational practices. The AIAASC Standards constitute the criteria against which an institution is evaluated and accredited. As such, the eight standards and corresponding indicators define normative expectations and characteristics of good practice in international higher education and thus provide both a structured framework for engaging in institutional self-assessment and a process for demonstrating the positive outcomes of such self-assessment. Similarly, they enable AIAASC to monitor institutional or programmatic performance in advancing academic quality

International Higher
Education Policies and Procedures

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