(K-12 Schools) 

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application for AIAA membership and accreditation

Accreditation Transfers

Is your school already accredited, but you would like to become a member of AIAASC?

To transfer your school’s accreditation, submit an application and be sure to select option B – Accreditation Transfer, instead of New School, on page 2 of the application.

AIAA policy is that any applicant school or college that is already accredited by one of the six regional accrediting bodies in the United States or by another accrediting body approved by the AIAASC Board of Directors, will be allowed to transfer the currently held accreditation status with that body and receive reciprocity for that accreditation status.

As an accreditation transfer applicant you will need to complete the Application for AIAASC Membership, as well as submit a copy of the last visit report from the other accrediting body. AIAASC will review the application and visit report and determine if a site visit will occur. As always, the school or college is responsible to host the site visit. Once approved, as an accepted member, your school or college will thereafter follow the policies and procedures of AIAASC.